Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care is the expression of care in the school community, which brings together the different aspects of school life. Pastoral Care is modelled on the teachings of Jesus and is the everyday expression of our Christian values.

Parents often ask the question, “Will my child cope when they start school?”  Like all children, your son or daughter will face challenges at some time and need support. We know that self-esteem, personal worth and mutual respect help build the foundations of a happy child. Our pastoral care programs, structured around the school values, build resilience, confidence and friendships and celebrate individual achievement.

There is support for your child at all levels of school life.   They have access, if required, to the assistance of a School Psychologist and Learning Support Team. We also have other support systems like our Buddy Program and School Leaders Program for senior students. Together with our school-wide promotion of positive behaviour, these initiatives are designed to guide and encourage our students as they progress through the grades.

Above all, in looking after our students, we acknowledge that kids are kids and that they will make mistakes as part of their learning process.

At St Columba’s students are taught to be resilient, have courage when needed, to take appropriate risks and to learn from their mistakes.